i want to make this:

I have a view with several fields,the view is a view pin, "pin" is a module contributed, the fields are:
pin holder's name, a company that is associated and the state of the pin if it was active or not.
I need a report from each company and reports that you can see how many pins I buy, how and how many are inactive use all in one excel.

'm use export data to a xls leaving the fields I need, and using "Views Merge Rows" to relate the business field and the state of the pin field, to do a count of the pin used but obviously I will appear only every existing pin, the idea is that in all fields xls appear needy. "company" "pin purchased" "how many use" "few inactive" with the module "views merge rows" I can do it, but the idea is to turn the filter fields in normal fields, thanks if anyone can help me in this, excuse me for my english