I am a total newbie at drupal and web design in general. and was wondering if there is anyone out there that could give me some advice. I have created a virtual tour website using drupal. I have got as far as ... well.... this http://www.sullenmedia.com/?q=0002 (bogus name btw) but what i would really like to know how to do is create a template of these "virtual tours" so I dont have to add the html into the body every time. All i would have to do is upload the images into their proper fields and same with the virtual tours (which are just jpgs as well). then possibly have a pulldown menu to select a realtor name input the realtor information. Is this something in which I need to do some serious coding? or is there a way to basically copy my html and highlite the areas i want as variables?

Thanks in advance for any input


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Actually this is a good question and probably just posted in the wrong place hence the lack of reply.

What i would suggest is to use CCK to build a "content type" and break down your node into fields (you'll need to use the image field and image cache modules).

You can use a module called "node reference" or even "user reference" to pull info into the node for the realtor info (you'll need to do some coding to acheive in full what you want unless tings have changed since I last used either of these modules).

The final step will be to customise the output - to some extent this can be done via the "display fields" settings inside Drupal, but for better control you'll probably want to turn to Contemplate module or learn how to theme drupal using templates.

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at http://learn.awakenedvoice.com/2007/07/30/drupal-cck-and-views-tutorial/

You may also want to look into the Contemplate module to present your data. It was designed to work with the Content Construction Kit (CCK) module.

Good luck.