After upgrading from 3.2 to 3.4 I get the problem described in #1932530: Activity stream not showing with Locale module enabled. I have already reverted all features (as the upgrade instructions say). Since the activity stream is using message types I check, and many of the were overriden. OK, maybe reverting them helps. Nope. When I try to revert I get the following warnings:

Notice: Undefined property: MessageType::$status i _entity_defaults_rebuild() (linje 884 av /var/www/commons/profiles/commons/modules/contrib/entity/entity.module).

And the message type either stays overridden or it suddenly is marked as custom. (Currently commons_notify_node_created, commons_notify_node_created_no_groups and commons_posts_post_created is marked as custum.) If I remove these "custom" message types, they of course reappear.

How do I proceed to? (Hopefully the problem is the message types and 1932530 is really fixed.) I'm happy to test any patches or to manipulate the database.


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Could you please try with the latest dev version?