I'm checking possibility to convert CRM with Drupal.

Which is the best recommended CRM combined with Drupal?


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If I understood your question correctly, you're asking what is the best CRM module for Drupal.

As far as I know, there are a few modules that provides a complete CRM experience out of the box:

Also, go through the nodes categorized with the "CRM" term as they might lead you to previous discussions and/or recipes on how to build it:

Other than that, you can achieve CRM-like functionality by using various general-purpose modules, such as Views, Rules, Entity, References, Profile2, Admin Views etc.
I suggest getting familiar with these modules first, then project what kind of CRM you need and compare what can you achieve with them.

Personally, I'd go with the general-purpose modules as they allow you greater range of flexibility and you still won't have to write code; but this depends on your requirements really.

Hope this helps.

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Also check out the CRM group and the ERPAL project.