Hi there,
I am very new to Drupal, facing some problems installing Drupal. Where can I get free drupal tutorials?
Thanks in advance.
- William


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If you are new to Drupal you might want to try Drupal 7 as Drupal 8 is still in development.

Have you read the Installation Guide

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I would definitely recommend YouTube as a good source of tutorial information. There are videos about installing and configuring various versions of Drupal. They also explain how to do the process differently depending on which operating system you have and whether you are installing it locally or on a server. Start there, then move on to the Drupal support community with further questions.

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imo the best are at nodeone.se.

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I've got some tutorials up on my site, but they are for developers writing Drupal modules, and are not for beginners. But maybe they can help you as you get to know the system better: http://www.jaypan.com/tutorial

Checkout my Japan podcasts.