I have created an online store based on opensource from prestashop. The programer made some custom changes to adapt it.
Now, seems that I need a blog were people to express their opinion. Prestashop is a little difficult on that.
Is there any solution from drupal, let's say something like 1 click install, that I can add it without programming knowledge ?

The link is: http://www.rivo.ro.

Thanks !


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If all you need is a blog, you're probably better off with Wordpress.

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Thank you for your reply. For the beginning yes, all I need is a blog.

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For the beginning yes

ah but that's the thing... the devil is in the details. If you plan on expanding past just a blog, then WP may not be the best selection. It all depends on what you plan to do with the site.

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I definitely do not want to convert it to a blog. Just a simple way of people expressing their opinion.
But, I do not think Wordpress will do, because I do not how to integrate in the shop.

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Thanks for this information.