I've updated my PHP version from 5.3.18 to 5.4.21 and since updating I've had to chgrp to apache for each site's files directories where before my standard user account for my server (CentOS 5.9) sufficed as both owner and group and had no file system errors/warnings. Has anyone experienced this and know if this is a setting somewhere? I'd like to change the group back to what it was, but doing so causes errors.



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I surprised Drupal 6 even runs under PHP 5.4

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Haha, yeah I've seen some issues such as this, but I haven't (yet) seen any functional issues with 6.28 and the various modules my sites have been using.

Honestly this is really a back-end systems related topic, and not really anything to do with Drupal itself regardless of version. However, I'd bet other users have experienced something similar regarding file/directory permissions and PHP/Apache configuration settings when getting Drupal up and running on a LAMP stack.