When trying to edit a field collection I get the error:

Attempt to update field Fieldname failed: Cannot add index field_fieldname_revision_id to table field_data_field_fieldname: index already exists..


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I confirm same bug (using field collection 7.x-1.x). I have no idea why and when it happen, but my field collection instances does not have indexes inside data column. That's why it throws error on field collection save.

I made a small workaround which will allow you to save your field collection. The only place I could add indexes was to field data was hook_field_update_forbid (from its name it does not seem that it serves for these needs, but another hook hook_field_read_field which is there too does not allow to change the data... strange behavior from drupal core... :( ).

Anyway, here's what I made:

 * Implements hook_field_update_forbid().
function hook_field_update_forbid(&$field, &$prior_field, &$has_data) {
  if($prior_field['module'] == 'field_collection') {
    if(empty($prior_field['indexes'])) {
      $prior_field['indexes'] = array(
        'revision_id' => array('revision_id')

You will need this only once, to save your collection field. Then you won't need it anymore for this specific field collection.

This is just a workaround. Guys from Field Collection team need to find what's the problem if this strange behavior. Maybe it has something to do with the nested field collections? I do not have any idea and do not have time to test it. But the issue exists!!

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Hi thank you. The issue first seems to occurs when revisions are enabled, but even after disabling revisions then the issue persists.

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Title: annot edit field collections: Attempt to update field Fieldname failed: » Cannot edit field collections: Attempt to update field Fieldname failed:
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Is this a related issue? https://drupal.org/node/2141781

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