Dear community

I'm maintaining a drupal site, and i was requested to build a new page with a layout corresponding to a front page. I can't seem to figure this out, since a "multisite-solution" isn't a possibility due to the host.

Does anyone have a splution for this sort of problem?


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I'm not sure what you mean by multiple front pages. There can only be one front page. If you mean a front page in multiple parts that can be accomplished depending on the needs you have for each section.

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I mean that i want an addon domain fx where i can make a new frontpage-structure, but just for this site, with articles, pages and views only concerning this site. In this case, this will be a site for our local campaign

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you can try in the second site to get the main site to ignore the subfolder. I'm not sure I understand how the host can limit the ability for a multisite but allow an entire second site.

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If what you mean is multiple frontpage depending on user or role, then look at something like: