OK, I've had help a couple of times here so I thought I'd post this just to help out folks like myself whose CSS ability is limited. I tried to search for any threads of anyone doing this earlier and the search threw up nothing for me, so I'll add this one and hopefully others looking will catch it.

All I wanted to do was position the search box within the content of the forum, over to the right and just below the main menu. I'm using Bartik theme and Naked Stacked on Drupal 7.

First, enable the search module.
Then create a block with the search box in it and position it in "content" and save the config.

Then add the following code to your Bartik style CSS file:

#block-search-form {
margin-top: -10px !important ;
margin-left: 750px !important;

That will result in your search box showing up in your forum over to the right and underneath your forum tabs line.

You can see how that looks here:


Hope that will save a few others a day messing around. :-)

Mods, I'm assuming that this is where this should be posted but if not please do move it with my apologies.