I want to get the drupal system url (eg: node/12352) from URL alias content/some-content.

Tried using


but both are not working. The value of $path is retrived as following

$tid = $user->field_job_category['und'][0]['tid'];
$jobcategory = drupal_lookup_path('alias', 'taxonomy/term/'.$tid);
$path = 'content/'.$jobcategory; // content/

Is there any solution?


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I would suggest you checking this thread right here:


Hope this works for you.

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Thanks for the reply. But that didn't solve my problem. I don't want to get the current url. I just want to get drupal path(eg: node/23423) of a specific URL alias (eg: content/title-of-some-content).

global $language;
$lang_name = $language->language ;
$user = user_load(arg(1));
$username = $user->name;
$term_alias = drupal_lookup_path('alias', 'taxonomy/term/'.$tid);

<a href="/<?php print $lang_name?>/content/<?php print $term_alias; ?>">Link to the page</a></div>

I want to get the system path of URL alias link given in last div (content/$term_alias), is that possible?

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drupal_get_normal_path returns node/nid if an internal/system path exists or the alias that you input if it doesn't.

not sure why you are showing taxonomy examples but "taxonomy/term/tid" is the internal/system path of a taxonomy term...
if you have set up an alias for a taxonomy term e.g. "myterm" then I believe drupal_get_normal_path should work for that too...and return taxonomy/term/tid

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Thanks for the replies the problem was with URL alias which gets update as per the language. Some how solved it