My client is migrating from a custom OG based system to Commons, they have Migration scripts for all there groups already prepared, and will be running said scripts on a fresh install of Commons.

As such, this means that the enforced 'First group' that they need to make during the installation of Commons needs to be deleted as soon as it's been created. Instead, ideally they could just opt not to create the group at all.

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Just a simple solution, make the group title and description not required, and if the title is empty then don't make the first group.

Haven't got any validation for what happens when the group isn't empty but the description is, so might need work.

Possibly even make it a checkbox to toggle whether or not to make a first group, which hides the fields if it's checked, but I didn't want to delve into that as I don't currently have the time to dedicate to that.

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I like this idea. We can also add a description field that says its not required and if blank it won't make a group.

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Here is a patch that adds a 'skip and continue' button. This patch works, but marking needs work and assigning it to Al to look better.

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That approach won't work for anyone who wants to install via Drush SI or Aegir, as while it's possible to set form values, I don't think it's possible to set which button is pressed to proceed.

If anything, a checkbox should be provided on the page.