By committing Registry Rebuild into the distro (as per, any person who has Registry Rebuild installed the correct way (in their .drush folder) will receive errors about redeclaring registry_rebuild_* functions when running Drush, which for users installing a site into Commons via Aegir means that they can not install said site at all.

Work around is to have the user remove or move their local copy of Registry Rebuild, but it's not really a nice solution.

Patch coming to remove the entry from the makefile.

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Patch removes the makefile entry and wraps the hook_update_N() function with a conditional, as well as making a note that there should probably be more work done before (if) this is to be committed as in the case a user doesn't have Registry Rebuild they should be prompted to download and run it.

I understand this isn't the best solution, but breaking drush for someone isn't that good either.

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I agree that having a duplicate copy of Registry Rebuild can be a pain and storing it outside of your .drush folder is not best practice.

As a note, commons_update_3106() calls registry_rebuild() which is a function defined in includes/, not drush_registry_rebuild() which is a function provided by the Registry Rebuild module.

I believe the best approach would be to remove the Registry Rebuild module and mention in the documentation that, should your site get hosed or if the update fails for some reason, to download and use the Registry Rebuild module to fix your site externally.

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Seems reasonable to me. Thanks for the patch!

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.