I am working with a software project, which is wrapping up the alpha stage and is preparing to enter beta and will now require more automated account controll. We have a website running Drupal 7 and a separate server running mysql database support for our program. I would like to move all account registrations, password resets etc onto the website, but it is necessary to maintain separate web and program databases.

When a user clicks the emailed confirmation link I would like to write the account details user/pass both to the site and to the external mysql database.

My initial thought is to intercept the process at the point were the site processes the one time link and insert a routine to call the database server, but this is my first time using Drupal and I am uncertain how to proceed.

Could anyone provide some tips or advice about how to do this? Alternatively, is there another way I might not have considered to go about this?


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There are hooks hook_user_insert() and hook_user_update() that can provide access to user data when it saved.