I installed Drupal 7 Module from OVH
I upgraded to 7.2
The site works , but each exchange, I non-blocking anomalies of these three types :

Notice : Undefined variable: key in main() (ligne 33 in /homez.443/amisrand/www/rando/index.php).

Notice : Trying to get property of non-object in main() (ligne 33 in /homez.443/amisrand/www/rando/index.php).

Notice : Undefined variable: adminObj in main() (ligne 33 in /homez.443/amisrand/www/rando/index.php).

I can not find an answer on the forums
Thank you if anyone can help me

Rusty Solomon Cordially.


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Drupal 7.2 is over 2 years old. Why are you using that? Use the most recent version.