I am wondering if anyone is familiar with the prelaunch module? I am trying to setup the site to gather users as the site is built. This module seems to be exactly what I need but when I set the single page accessible to the register page I cannot get logged in as an admin to work on the site. Basically once prelaunch highjacks the site and only allows accessibility to one defined page I am no longer able to get to the login page. Luckily I had the site open in another browser to turn off the module. There must be some sort of setting that I have not set. I did set the permissions to allow admin and authenticated users to navigate the site but only when logged in. Can someone please help me with this?

This is the link to the module: https://drupal.org/project/prelaunch

Thanks all!


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Ok so apparently this isn't documented. To login to the site while the module is enabled you must follow this path: www.yousite.com/?q=prelaunch/user