I had an idea.
In addition to being an Internet dweeb, I'm also a ham radio operator of 38 years.
There is a term of honor or title [if you will] in amateur radio. That term is 'Elmer'.
'Elmer' is a term that refers to people who actively help others become amateur radio operators (they help them prepare for the written tests, teach them how to operate once they've got their license, etc..
Perhaps we could adopt the term here.
You can read a little about where the term came from on the ARRL Web site at: http://www.arrl.org/elmer-award .
It would be good to find some Drupal 'Elmers' to help people get started.


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In the Drupal world people get called Drupal Rock Stars, covered here http://certifiedtorock.com/ but it is more focussed on developers than on people providing support. Elmers, who help others, can be found in numbers here on the forum as well as on IRC. But where does the word come from, I wonder.

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I am not sure where it came from. It just seems to be part of the amateur radio culture and I don't know that anyone knows where it came from at more than it why amateur radio operators are known as hams.

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Certified to rock was a great idea, but unfortunately the developers seem to have abandoned it, as it hasn't been reindexed in over a year and a half (it still doesn't reflect my username, which I changed from my real name around April 2012).