I have a strange problem.
I tried to move my forums to root, cause i wanted to remove my containers, but now i have at problem with new posts. They are not in any forum, and it is not possible to choose the Categories: Forum, when submitting a new post.

ALL submitted forum topics are submitted to the /node/add/forum/0, and there are no forum 0. Only 6 to 18 or so.
http://www.linuxin.dk/forum try submit a new Post (sry, you need to be a member to post).

If I post in a forum, ex: http://www.linuxin.dk/forum/11 and try submitting a new Topic, the post does not show in that forum. It disappears. It only shows up in the Views Tracker menu.

How can i correct this?


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Check out: http://drupal.org/node/160950. This solved my problem.