Recently i have restarted working on Drupal after long time. I am working on some website which was previously done by someone else. On below mentioned page, its displaying some accordions. What I found is that "day tours" is a content type and 3 or 4 accordions showing on that page is the contents having that content type. my problem is I want to display one more block in accordion for example I want to display "Availability Calendar" somewhere after "Book Now" button. I tried creating new field and adding content on each page but its still not visible on this Day tours page. Please suggest.
Here you can see:http://redcarp.netzone.co.nz/day-tours



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It is probably using the Views accordion module. You need to first learn how to use Views. There are many tutorials as well as the book 'Drupal's Building Blocks' and it is complex so it is not practical or useful to try to repeat it here. Once you know how to create a view, adding it to Views Accordion should not be hard.

Since you linked your site, I should mention that your first job according to recommended practice is not the Accordion but is to perform the security updates your site requires.