I have been working on a very complex website for the past year. I have developed over 40 rules to manage different aspects of the site.

Some of these rules get interrupted by others rules and the process is quite complicated. I finally finished all of the core features for the site and now faced with the daunting task of improving the performance.

I have one rule that runs a very large set of instructions and creates 25 nodes in the process. When I run this rule site locks up and the user is forced to wait 30 to 50 seconds for the rule to complete.

I have implemented page load progress to occupy the user until the pages have loaded. But WOW 50 seconds.... that is a long time.

1. Any suggestions how I can speed this up?
2. Any way I can rule runs in the background while the user does other activities?
3. Is there a module that improves how rules works?




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