Hello, Drupal community!
I have a small question.

  1. I created a sandbox project
  2. I went to https://drupal.org/project/issues/projectapplications page and created an issue where I asked to review my module
  3. After some time reviewers set the status of my issue to "reviewed & tested by the community"
  4. The question: am I able to promote my module to full project now, or I shall to do something else? Maybe I just need to wait?


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You just need to wait for one of the maintainers of the Drupal projects system to notice that your issue is RTBC. They will then do their own review of the issue, and read the comments that have been left. If they agree that RTBC is correct, they will change the status to "fixed", and post in your Project Applications issue to say that you have full access. You'd then be able to convert your sandbox into a full project if you wanted to, or start a new one.

This seems to take up to 2 weeks to happen from the date it's marked RTBC. That's not an exact science - but that's what you're waiting for.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you for reply, JamesOakley!