I just took over a Drupal project from a previous webmaster. I know PHP and web development, but I am new to Drupal, and am running into a problem I don't understand.
We are using the Search module to search the site. When you search, the results come up just fine, and show the content type near the bottom of the search result.
For example, say we had an "Author" type. You search for JRR Tolkien, and multiple results come up - his Author page among them. At the bottom of the search results it says "Authors" saying which content type it is.
However, when you click on the link, it takes to you /node/id, rather than /authors/id. This is the part I don't understand. The search result is linking to a /node/ page rather than a /author/ page, and the formatting on the two is different. If I go directly to /authors/10 (assuming 10 is Tolkien's id), then it shows the formatting that is set in the Author's view section. The formatting of the /node/ page is different, however, and I can't figure out where that would be set, or why the search result is going to that URL rather than /authors/.
Please let me know what I'm missing here :)



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is pathauto enabled? if so, check it's settings it's what handles the automation of path aliases.

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I don't see anything called pathauto in the modules.

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check to see if the core path.module is enabled.

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Someone used a non-standard approach to displaying a single node, I would guess they used a view (look for a view with the base path of 'authors').

The search results link to the node (node/{nid}).

Each content has its own display tab which can be used to layout the node, the display suite modules can be used to extend this functionality. An alternative approach is to use panels.

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There is a view called "Authors" with the base path of "authors". That's the correctly formatted one. Is there any way to use this with the search results?

I see the display tab of the content type, I think. When I go to /admin/content/node-type/author/display there is a list of fields and such, with a small amount of information that shows how they are displayed. Is this all there is? If I click on the "Template" tab at the top it takes me to the actual displayed page.

I'm not sure what the display suite modules are - is that something you can just enable that's usually installed by default, or an additional suite of modules that has to be installed manually? I also don't know what panels are - is that an additional module?

Basically, the view for Author works great, but I can't link to that directly from search results? What's the point of it then? It seems odd to have two default ways to display the same information. If I can't do that, how can I get more control of the default way the information is displayed on the node?