So I am new the Context module, I created a Context to have a specific node block pull to the , but how do I add a "link to content" so when it pulls to the homepage, you can click on it to go to the full node. I understand I can do this with Promote to Front page but I want to do it with Context, is this possible?

Also when I try to create an Condition of Node Type, one of my Content types is not showing up, I have cleared all cache a few times, why would my content type not show up?

Any help would be most appreciative.


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"pull to the ," < pull to the what?

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Hi again VM, so this was same idea I was trying to accomplish with the Context configuration, using the nodes in the blocks to link to the full node. I think using the Node Blocks, Teasers, and Link Block Title modules, I should be able to accomplish what I need. I hope.

So many different ways to configure a homepage with Drupal, its hard to determine which one is the best for overall ease of use.

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i tend to use custom a page--front.tpl.php unless there is need to use contexts elsewhere in the site.