I have views that works with data_export and I export rss. It's working OK, but I need to filter it with a different type.
3 terms - Main, Sport, Economics.

My views has to show 30 nodes of "Main" term, 30 nodes of "Sport" term and etc.
Or there's php codes of rss exporting with term filtering.


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There may be other solutions to try, but I had a similar use case, and used the ViewField module to create a "view of views".

If you have 3 terms, you could make 3 separate Views, each filtering on 1 of the taxonomy terms with the appropriate record limit of 30.

From there you could combine these recordsets into a single view using ViewField.

Of course, this approach would really only work if you have a set number of terms that don't change, but perhaps that is the case.

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Thanks a lot for help. I tried that module before, but I will export everything to rss file. It show like 3 rss headers inside one file.
Please write me a php code that will display nodes by taxonomy filter. (from mysql)