Hey there,

What I'm trying to do is find a way to do a custom teaser length.

We've got a site that we share videos on and some of the video get embedded from different places so the code length is different.

Steve-A will embed a video and you'll see it pop up on the home page because his embed code was within the character limit I set for our "episode" content type. Steve-B, however, uses a different service so his is getting left off the front page.

Now I know I could just change the character limit to make em both work, but we've also got navigation buttons that I don't want to show up on the home page.

I guess what I need, and tell me if there's a better way, is some kinda tag that I can insert into the template right where the split for the teaser should be so it'll be the same for everyone.

Something like...

*video code*
*navigation code*

Any ideas all you folks that are much smarter than me?


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You can use <!--break--> for that.