If anyone has brought module
from moneyscripts.net once you login you will see lots of posts like this
Here's my setup:
MS Core 7.x-3.0-rc7
MS Membership Suite - 7.x-8.0-rc3
MS Pay2Publish -7.x-6.0-rc3

There are currently 3 MAJOR BUGS with the Pay2Publish module which make it absolutely unusable and moreover impact the functionality of other modules.

"Business" accounts, who have the permission to publish for free, and who are also denied from inside all Pay2Publish plans settings, are still being presented with the Pay2Publish plans choices.

When Anonymous users or "Basic" users create a node, they are taken to PayPal, the payment is received, but when they are returned to the website, it says "Payment pending", and their node is being displayed as unpublished. In admin/moneyscripts/orders it displays the Orders, but with a value of €0.00 .

Having already paid for publication, Basic user then goes on to pay for one of the P2P plans again: he goes to Paypal, pays, the money is received again, he comes back to the site, and the node is still unpublished!
These bugs require immediate attention from the module maintainer. This module is simply unusable!!!

I'm just another user like you,who has been posting "Help" messages for the past 2 weeks with no response from the maintainer.


I've had an unanswered question in the forums since 9-19-2013 and have submitted 2 help desk support tickets. So far there has been no response. I'm dead in the water and the client is getting impatient.
Are people getting their questions answered and mine just fell through the cracks? Should I submit it again?


David - you're not alone :) We have a pretty serious issue we're trying to resolve with overbilling.

Leighton - I know you're a one man show and it must be exhausting, but please let folks know if you're going to be AFK with at least an autoresponder or something. Alot of quality customers here that really _want_ to keep paying for that quality and support!


PetarB’s picture

I've purchased a couple of modules from Moneyscripts. To be honest I was surprised that equivalent ones did not exist already. However if you're paying for a module you should expect commercial support.

My experience at Moneyscripts is that they worked - I have used both Pay2Publish and the paid registration one (can't remember what it was called). For the Pay2Publish, we did not get a chance to test, but the paid registration one (2 months ago) seems to be working correctly, there was no need for any support.

Hopefully your situation is resolved quickly. Point out this activity here, on their forums - and be sure to let us know how the situation is resolved.

charlie charles’s picture

I think something happened to the Leighton who own's money scripts.net.
it's not like a few day's he hasn't answered emails it's been weeks!
It's like he's vanished. I hope he's alright

drupalina’s picture

I have purchased the Membeship Suite and Pay2Publish modules about 3 weeks ago.. And these 3 weeks have been about battling to make them work together flawlessly like a clockwork. It is being recommended that the latest RCs should be installed. But they are pretty buggy, especially the Pay2Publish module. VERY FRUSTRATING especially when here's no support (no forum replies, no e-mail replies, not even facebook replies).

In the end I completely uninsulated them and installed the "previous generation" of stable releases from 2012. They have a lot less options, but at least they MOSTLY work as they should. There are some minor bugs here and there in that "stable" release, but I can live with that for the time being. I'm even considering purchasing the Affiliate module.

The maintainer of the module probably went on a vacation. I hope nothing bad has happened to him. But if he did go on a vacation it would be decent at least to put up notice saying: "Hey guys I'm off for a couple of months. Don't worry." But there's nothing like that.

If, God forbid, something did happen to the maintainer, then these modules should be rewritten to become open source. Or if not open source then the MS community, which is in thousands, can chip in $50-$100 each and hire a Drupal developer to make the new RCs stable and to take these modules to the next level.

charlie charles’s picture

The answer is we really need to get our own version of these type of
modules on drupal.org.

Where people can work together fixing the bugs
and everyone would benefit from them

AlexBorsody’s picture

lets get these modules on drupal.org, i'll start a repo

Kristina Katalinic’s picture

Perhaps we could check Leightons whereabouts with his wife at s_fenella@hotmail.com or through her store at http://lespetitsdarlings.storenvy.com/contact ? If anyone would know whats happening with Leighton it would be her I guess. Wife's can get weird when a girl is searching for their husband so perhaps its best if one of you guys asked what is Leighton up to...
Last I can tell is she posted on her blog September 30 and there is no indication of anything terrible happening and its about 2 weeks after Leighton last posted in MS forums...

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charlie charles’s picture

Thank you, I've just sent his wife a message to find out what happened to moneyscripts.net

tradenet’s picture

Seems to be recent activity on facebook re: her store:


securetunnel’s picture

We're anxiously following this as well. Something must be going on in the maintainers personal life - having worked with him on several points in the past, he was very responsive and passionate about the project.

Sometimes folks just hit a wall and need to disappear for a while. Hopefully that's all it is.

It's intriguing that folks here know his wife :) Any news there?

If nothing comes of this, we'll happily get involved in an effort to hire a maintainer.

charlie charles’s picture

No reply as yet and I sent his wife a link to this forum post too.

His last moneyscripts.net tweet was September 26th.
I've sent him private tweet message and still no reply.


Does anyone know if he's on facebook?

gratefulsk’s picture

From this forum post on his website he says he was in the hospital for a few weeks and is now recovering.


tradenet’s picture

Glad to hear he is ok.

charlie charles’s picture

I'm glad he's ok too

floatingworld’s picture

He's not back. He surfaced very briefly to answer a couple forum posts and apparently post a minor bug fix. Moneyscripts.net is now getting attacked by hackers too, apparently.

charlie charles’s picture

I got a quick answer since then I haven't had reply for weeks again :(

There's alot of annoyed developers on the money script forum
I guess that's why his site is being hacked.

alliax’s picture

I renewed last month my subscription to the membership module, but today I've opened a dispute on paypal to ask for a refund, I'm uninstalling it since it doesn't seem to work anyway and on table is growing out of control due to user registration spam creating many entries and there is no mechanism in the module to prune the old inactive/temporary entries.. It's already several hundreds MB and growing.. Plus other problems which I won't detail anyway since I'm uninstalling the whole thing.

It's the first and only drupal module I ever bought, that's quite an experience, what a time lost! I should have gone the ubercart/ecommerce way and just sell roles to allow users to post, that's it..

I hope his health goes well for him and his family of course, but I don't agree with the lack of planning and support staff, I'm a customer not a friend.

prezaeis’s picture

ye i just put a refund through paypal too.. disgusting support. what a shame

charlie charles’s picture

We need to get these type of modules on drupal.org

WorldFallz’s picture

That's kind of the point really. And likely one of the reasons why there aren't many paid modules, or any modules for that matter, hosted off site.

without commenting on this specific developer/company, a 1 person shop always runs this risk. I happened to encounter it (more than once in fact) eons ago when I was still using joomla-- they had a much more liberal interpretation of 'GPL' for a while and the extension space was littered with all types of proprietary pay extensions with all levels of support (excellent -> good -> fair -> non-existent -> ripped off).

One of the main benefits of using open source is precisely so this type of situation never happens. If the code is GPL and hosted on drupal.org then anyone can pick up where the previous developer/maintainer left off.

It's why I'll never use a proprietary extension ever again-- regardless of which open source community it comes from.

prezaeis’s picture

Ye your right, Iv purchased all of the modules from moneyscript and im looking at the code for each one to get a better idea on how they are made, and see about converting them to a version to put on drupal.org. Regarding copyright issues, if the software is changed over 25% of its original copy its regarded as new software from what i have read. So im gonna look more in to this and see what i can do

Jaypan’s picture

You can post it as-is on Drupal if you want, Drupal code is all released under the GPL which means that you have the right to sell code, but the person you sell it to has the right to share it with the entire world for free if they feel like it.

prezaeis’s picture

Ye i was thinking of the same thing, I figured it wouldnt be a problem. The way the software works however is the site generates a license which you must put in to the software setting page on your drupal install, the module wont work without a valid license key.

I dont mind posting these modules up, where and how do i do it?

Jaypan’s picture

You may want to read the rest of the posts on the page before you do that, as it may not be as clear-cut as I described it.

I'm of the opinion that you could re-write the code that requires the key (to not require the key), and you would have no legal issues if you were to post it somewhere. But that said, I'm no lawyer, I haven't studied this in depth at all, and I may very well have no idea what I'm talking about.

WorldFallz’s picture

Yep, regarding the licensing... all drupal modules must be GPL... and regardless of whatever they claim, developers cannot change that. See http://drupal.org/licensing/faq for more info. However, iirc, in this particular case much of the logic was split out into separate non-drupal dependent components which the developer claimed immunized them from the GPL. I'm not quite convinced that s true, especially if the the non GPL parts are still php.

I'm no GPL lawyer though, so I wouldn't take it upon yourself to distribute the non-module code without checking with one first.

charlie charles’s picture

I used to do this with Joomla extension
to avoid any legal issues

Send a email to Money Scripts that asks?

Are these modules GLP?
Because Drupal.org licensing terms state
all modules must be GLP

If part of his module not GLP
can he provide evidence to prove this please?

Send a few emails to him.
Ask the question on forum post on moneyscripts
Tweet the question to him at https://twitter.com/moneyscripts

Keep a copy of these messages you send money script as evidence.

This will avoid any legal issues in future

I hope that's helpful

WorldFallz’s picture

Sorry, but that's irresponsible advice. Informing someone you're about to violate their license agreement and/or copyright does not inoculate you from legal action.

I know you're frustrated and angry, but it's no more acceptable for you to violate a developer's rights than it is for the developer to violate drupal's GPL license.

charlie charles’s picture

Looking at it Drupal commerce has
most these features already

drupal commerce

Pay download

Modules To Make Download Payment for drupal



Modules To Make Membership sites with drupal



Pay to publish

Module To make classified websites using drupal




HFlame7’s picture

Thanks for the (open source) alternative links, Charlie!

AlexBorsody’s picture

it is DRUPAL code that means it is free for anyone to use. re write the code to not require the private/public key and lets begin to work on a new repo.

Kristina Katalinic’s picture

Looks like Leighton is disappeared again, lost himself in https://plus.google.com/u/0/114860262021969773255/posts The World of Tanks game apparently :P.
Meanwhile customers suffer and lose money.
Whilst there are some similar/replacement modules available on Drupal.org Pay to Publish examples are nowhere near as robust or complete classifieds site solutions as the actual Pay to Publish module.
On topic of GPL and whether or not MS modules could be rewritten without copyright violation I'd say: Yes. After you take a closer look at MS core and other MS modules it becomes pretty apparent they have a lot borrowed from Drupal commerce anyways :P

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charlie charles’s picture

There are rules about how to use the drupal trademark.

At moment it seem anyone can sell drupal module
don't have to abind to any rules.
They can just rip people off who use drupal
and carry on doing so with no consequences.

There's need to be approved license for people to sell
drupal modules as there is to use the drupal trademark

For example free module do not require a license
If someone wants to sell a module then the developer
needs to apply for a license.

Or easiest answer is all drupal modules must be listed
on drupal.org and can not be used for profit on your own personal website.
You can sell the support time and charge for upgrade features
but you can not sell the module as a product.

WorldFallz’s picture

The license drupal modules must use is the GPL which is incompatible with most of what you recommend. imo if 99.99% of drupal modules are available for free from drupal.org and you knowingly choose to purchase something from some place else, which is a one man shop no less, you should be aware of the risks.

In any case, Drupal and its modules are GPL and that cannot be changed so there's nothing that can be done to address these issues via licensing.

AlexBorsody’s picture

I agree that drupal.org should have a way to compensate developers for contributed modules. And I respect Leighton as an expert in this area. But there should be other people that can contribute to the project.

charlie charles’s picture

For pay to publish this module is pretty good.


Most of the modules from moneyscript.net
you can find already find similar version on drupal.org.
Combine them with rules module.
You will have exactly the same features

charlie charles’s picture

The best place to share your thought about
moneyscripts.net is here

Share Your Review


At least this will show up in search result
to help to warn other people moneyscripts.net

RachelNY’s picture

I'm not at all happy about what happened. Leighton's disappearance definitely impacted my ability to support an existing project and roll out a new one. I was as upset as anyone else and was looking at my options, including hiring someone to support the code since I don't have time to troubleshoot another author's modules.

That being said, Leighton was very good and very responsive over the previous several years I had dealings with him. My initial reaction was disbelief because he had been so good in the past. It is my understanding that he was working through some very serious health issues - and as he is a young man with a very young family I can understand that his focus was on getting well.

But this is business - and what he did cannot ever happen again. In my most recent communications with him, I have made it very clear that if he wants my continued business, he will need to have a plan to either release the code to the community, or have someone to support it, in the event he has another life-changing event.

In the here and now, I have decided to forgive and move forward. This is a business decision, not a personal one - if the code is stable and I don't need to rework my sites, this is still my best option to focus on making money, and not on rebuilding my sites.

He is back online, he is releasing updates, you can go on the site and live chat with him (I did today) he has sent his mea culpa (http://wildkatanadesign.cmail2.com/t/ViewEmail/j/4C947C239E0AEB98/2C74A9...) and given us all an extra 6 months or a new module as part of his apology.

As long as the module is kept working and updated, and if he releases a plan to handle another worst-case-scenario, I will assume that the Leighton of previous years is back and all will be well. If he does not do these things, then I will move on.

I'm really hoping this is now behind us. Good luck to you all - and if you do move on to another solution, please keep us updated in this thread.


alliax’s picture

Not for me thanks.
Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

I'll do like I should have (if not for my laziness and the promise of trouble-free, all made for me functionality) and use only free modules like I always did since 2004, to get the same functionality.

Jaypan’s picture

Yeah, if there was ever a reason to not pay for modules, this thread is it.

RachelNY’s picture

Please keep us updated on your solutions.


AlexBorsody’s picture

leighton is back on the forums

AlexBorsody’s picture

leighton is making this good by being available to assist on chat

AlexBorsody’s picture

forums and is making it good

WorldFallz’s picture

or you can just use the available open source options.

You can't dictate someone else's business practices. You can only control which modules you select. If you elect to purchase a closed source product from a single person vendor this is exactly the type of risk you are electing to make.

AlexBorsody’s picture

I don't care about you. I had a problem when I bought the module and it turned out there was no support. Now that I have it up and running and had some questions answered I don't have an issue.

WorldFallz’s picture

Way to edit your complaint comments to make my response look senseless, lol.

FYI for anyone else stumbling across this thread ... FEM has done nothing but complain in this thread and just edited out his complaints in the last two comments to make it look otherwise.

beauregard’s picture

I was doing a research for a module "pay to publish" and found the one from moneyscripts. Then I found this discussion here and I think the module is now no more an option.
Paid modules or not
Obviously this case shows that it can be risky to have a paid module maintained by one person. The main problem or risk is that it is maintained by one person. That's life and every business owner should take this into consideration.
Using this case as a show-case that drupal should not have paid modules is in my opinion definetely the wrong way. I am using drupal since 8 years and I only still work with Drupal because I have some complex sites, which e.g. Wordpress cannot cover. As an owner of complex sites I am also ready to pay something in reward for reliability and bug fixing in reasonable time. And I am sure that most owners of complex sites will do this. As far as I know Drupal wants to target this market. I am somewhat annoyed by having modules which are buggy and nobody feels responsible for it. Also I fully understand every developer, because this is open source software and everybody has to invest his time to earn money. Therefore I think it is urgently needed either to introduce paid modules with Drupal as it is done with Wordpress or implement any other mechanism, which allows users like me to pay developers something in reward to get a support which is more or less acceptable. What happens now is that probably most owner of complex site hire their developers and develop some individual solutions. This is definetely not for the benefit of Drupal.

About a pay-to-publish module
Not being a developer it seems to me that the best solution would be to have on one hand a payment module with payment plans and on the other hand functions to call information per user about his bought payment plans and then allow certain actions. I am researching but could find anything suitable up to now

Jaypan’s picture

Therefore I think it is urgently needed either to introduce paid modules with Drupal as it is done with Wordpress

There is nothing stopping this from happening now. Anyone can sell Drupal modules as much as they want. Moneyscripts shows this to be true.

or implement any other mechanism, which allows users like me to pay developers something in reward to get a support which is more or less acceptable.

You can approach the module maintainer in any issue queue on Drupal and offer to pay to get support. Some developers even write that on the module download page - "contact me if you would like to sponsor development of this module". Often developers are busy with paid projects, and don't have as much time as they'd like to support their contributed modules on Drupal.org, but if someone is paying for their time, they are more than willing to do it.

beauregard’s picture

thanks for your feedback. about contacting the owner of the module and paying him: good idea, I thought it is not the policy here. I will do so.

nevertheless I think it would be very beneficial for drupal to foster paid modules as wordpress is doing, including the ability of users to rate the module. developers will be rewarded and users have more stable systems.

Jaypan’s picture

I'm a Drupal developer, and my reward is in the good feeling I get from giving back to the community that has given so much to me.

charlie charles’s picture

Your looking at drupal in the wrong way.
Because your looking for one module that does everything you want.
instead of looking at modules that help you achieve what you want.

About a pay-to-publish module
Not being a developer it seems to me that the best solution would be to have on one hand a payment module with payment plans and on the other hand functions to call information per user about his bought payment plans and then allow certain actions. I am researching but could find anything suitable up to now

All this can be done rules module
and drupal commerce

Pay to publish



When you look at drupal this way you be wondering
why you pay so much money on wordpress extensions
when you can do the same thing with drupal for free!

It just takes longer to learn but the pay off worth it!

beauregard’s picture

thanks for your feedback. it is exactly my approach to separate logic and use what is available. in my research I found the two modules above too, the problem is that paypernode has the last release back in 2012 (newer releases are only developoment) and commerce-node-checkout has no version at all (except development).
this means it will need time and development efforts, which is by factors more expensive and less stable than buying a module for USD 30 or USD 50 for example, which is used by many users and actively maintained and developed.

charlie charles’s picture

The money moneyscript pay publish
had not been updated for over a whole year and had loads of bugs.

What moneyscript lacked was community support.
Had it been a free module on drupal.org
Than other developers would been able to fix those bugs.

Because way drupal works.
It likely paid modules will depend on free modules features.
Which mean their not going to maintained and developed any faster
because they depend on other free modules

money scripts "money script core" is just a renamed version of drupal commerce.
drupal commerce get's regular upgrades & security updates but "money script core" doesn't :p

But I do agree, that drupal.org does not do enough
to support developers times and efforts.

It should offer a way for drupal developers
to make money from quick support requests and selling video tutorials.

Here you go, you get most features you need from this


It just using commerce-node-checkout and rules but it cost you $180

AlexBorsody’s picture

Paid modules and the variety of options in WordPress plugins are why it is surpassing Drupal. If we could implement a paid solution while keeping community contributions and code standards that would be great.

Jaypan’s picture

Paid modules and the variety of options in WordPress plugins are why it is surpassing drupal.

It's not a race. Drupal does what Drupal does, Wordpress does what Wordpress does. They don't do the same thing. Drupal is not going to disappear because Wordpress gets lots of users, and neither is Wordpress going to disappear if Drupal gets lots of usage.

It's like saying "sales of cars are being passed by sales of bicycles". So?

If we could implement a paid solution while keeping community contributions and code standards that would be great.

Open to suggestions.

duckzland’s picture

Drupal business model :
pay for module is heresy! heck, spending $40 for premium theme is insane! imagine $50 for a module! everything must be free! (PS we do charge insane hourly rate to wrap those free goods for you *wink*)

WordPress business model :
sell your plugin, sell your theme, sell service to build the site heck sell anything that you can code!

So probably Leighton is fed up with small income and tons of work to update the plugin :)
He probably can get better income from creating a WP plugin and sell it.

if you can use drupal why use others?

WorldFallz’s picture

They don't do the same thing.

Precisely-- though there is some overlap (ie both can do a simple blog or brochure site). You don't hammer a nail with a jackhammer and you don't split concrete with a screwdriver (though in both cases you probably could force it if you really wanted to).

It's not an either or scenario and anyone who insists it is doesnt know what they are talking about.

Ultimately, it's all about the right tool for the job.

charlie charles’s picture

We need a better full solution Module for Classifieds ad's.
That's what these posts are about.

Everyone talking about the problem but no one seem
to be taking enough action

Jaypan’s picture

You can sponsor (hire) someone to build it, and put it on Drupal.org for the community.

charlie charles’s picture

The best way to sponsor this module is

Make a tutorials on how to build a classified website using this module.
Use that money from the tutorials sales to sponsor the module development.

This can be started with


Jaypan’s picture

Sounds like you've got a good plan then! Let us know when you've put together the tutorial.

duckzland’s picture

Maybe putting a gittip and begging the community to spare some change can help fund the module.

if you can use drupal why use others?

Andrew Jamieson’s picture

I just want to save anyone thinking of using moneyscripts a lot of time. They don't work as promised, are riddled with bugs and there is no support (as this thread suggests). Leighton has answered one of my 15 emails in the last month and I have hacked away at his module trying to get it to work where I would have been better of going custom from the start.

Kristina Katalinic’s picture

I have no doubt that if they were supported moneyscripts modules would have been the best fit for, paid classifieds sites for example, and in that case would have been worth the money.
Unfortunately Leighton is playing peekaboo with his customers and now you see him and then now you don't (for a time). He was there until he went AWOL for a few months around last Christmas then he miraculously reappeared shortly after this thread started to gain traction apologised by offering extended support (!?!) or another unsupported module license. Then he committed a few minor patches which seemed to create new problems....
And now he's gone AWOL again for over a month and his whereabouts are still unknown. The latest versions of all his modules are plagued with bugs but he has conveniently labeled them as RC even thou they should be labeled as .dev or alpha versions at best. But, how would he sell them in that case?!?
Since this thread comes up #2 in SERP's for the therm "moneyscripts" I suspect his sales have dropped dramatically and I doubt that would positively impact his interest in developing and supporting these modules in future. The modules are written in PHP (open source), for Drupal (again, open source) are no longer supported (which is essentially what we were technically been paying for) so, I really see no valid reason why we couldn't simply download latest versions of his modules, rename them (same as he renamed commerce into ms_core) and upload them as FREE modules here on Drupal.org enabling community to get involved and submit patches for these modules.
So, I am urging anyone who reads this thread and has any pull with drupal.org to suggest the resolution of this problem as described above.

Brisbane Web Design, Development and SEO consulting services.

Kristina Katalinic’s picture

P.S. For anyone who still believes the bad health story... You should follow his wife's blog where he looks very healthy indeed on his recent trip to Hong Kong and Macau

Brisbane Web Design, Development and SEO consulting services.

Canton32’s picture

thank you for opening our eyes after viewing http://www.eewenstales.com i am not happy at all.

He has taken our money and no support is given. I think it is time Leighton that you submit the scripts to the community and do the right thing. Right now we are suffering due to your liars.Who else thinks that the Modules should be submitted to the Drupal Community?

alliax’s picture

You don't need to wait after him to do that, because of course he won't, never.

Either someone else does it, or nobody can be bothered enough to do it (I know I can't) and things will stay exactly the same :-)

WorldFallz’s picture

You should really read the entire thread. Drupal module code must be GPL and therefore can be posted to drupal.org any time someone wishes to assume the responsibility for doing so.

However, the non drupal module code, without which the modules likely don't function, is owned by the developer and can only be re-licensed by them which doesn't seem very likely. That said however, your best bet would be to lobby for that on the developer's website and not drupal.org.

Moneyscripts has nothing to do with drupal.org and there's nothing to be done here for issues with them.

JordanMagnuson’s picture

Just for the record, I think it's kind of creepy to bring Leighton's wife's personal blog into this, and I don't think that a picture of a guy smiling in Hong Kong can be used as any kind of evidence about what health issues he may or may not be facing.

I appreciate everyone's frustration, and am in the same boat as everyone else: I've paid for and been using moneyscripts modules for the last year, and have built my business's payment system around them... I feel like I'm on a leaking boat, and am not particularly happy about it... but I also think we need to stay human, and keep things in perspective.

alliax’s picture

Yes, and why not give the other cheek too ???

It's obvious that the health issues are TOTAL BULLSHIT..

The wife's blog is very clear, if he had any sort of illness, it would be on that blog, because she's talking about everything, yes, not my fault, but we know that he's been ill (just a cold) at the same time that his son in december, and that she made a drama queen problem for a few days (periods maybe?) because of.. Well anyway..

If not for the wife's blog, what else would we have to know the TRUTH ??? That he's a liar?

And don't pretend to still give him any credit for some illness, because it's not only about smiling in hong kong, but going upstairs (hundreds of them) and visiting whatever.. Without any mention whatsoever of any physical problem regarding him. I tell you if he had ANY medical condition, the wife would be mentioning it from time to time, I've read some of the blog posts and she's the kind..

I'm not for turning the other cheek when someone slaps me, I'm not Jesus and I don't think that's a good role model when it comes to fighting back to injustice and liars like this guy.

WorldFallz’s picture

This thread is already off topic for drupal.org and now it's crossed the line into creepy and unacceptable-- i'm locking it, but leaving it as a lesson in the risks one assumes when purchaing 3rd party modules.

Please take up your issues with moneyscripts over at moneyscripts.net.

WorldFallz’s picture

So, I am urging anyone who reads this thread and has any pull with drupal.org to suggest the resolution of this problem as described above.

drupal.org has nothing whatsoever to do with moneyscripts and there's nothing to be done here for anything purchased (or free for that matter) from an external site. You wouldn't expect microsoft to intercede on your behalf for a windows program you purchased from somewhere else-- this is no different.

Unfortunately, this is exactly the type of risk you assume when making the conscious decision to purchase a module elsewhere, as opposed to using one of the free options available on drupal.org. I lived that nightmare with joomla (who's extensions were mostly for purchase by 3rd parties back then), before I discovered drupal, and it's exactly why I would never select an option not hosted on drupal.org.