Hi, I have created a view which show's all the content created by different author's on the site, i don't want to show all the content created by a single user, i only want to show a single content and his author.
For example
Change example 1 to example 2

Example 1
Content1 by alex
Content2 by alex
Content3 by alex
Content4 by alex
Content5 by bob
Content6 by bob
Content7 by bob
Example 2
Content1 by alex
Content5 by bob

"Thank you"


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Start by creating a view that lists users (not content), configured to show as fields.

Under "Advanced" add a "Relationship" on "User: Representative node", I made the relationship required so it will only show users with content.

Under "Fields" add "Content: Title", configure to use the relationship.

And any other fields you want.

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Thanks it Worked.