Just curious, but I am thinking of maybe building a web service similar to pagebuild.net...

What are the legal/license implications of GPL and maintaining competitive avantages. I could not find a "download" link to acquire the entire sitebuild codebase - does this their customizations are their own and only those they wish to contribute back are oss?

I have never really understood how gpl worked for a platform such as drupal when extending it as opposed to building ontop of (such as mysql for instance.


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If you make custom modules for your own site you are not obligated to make them public. On the other hand, if you make a module for a client site, you can not prevent them from giving (or selling) it to someone else.

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Thank you both :)

Interesting about themes. When I buy a drupal theme I. Have the right to redistribute it under gpl? Or just the drupal parts...html is considered data?

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html is not considered data. data comes out of the database. However, functions that interact with core api's within the theme would make it GPL. Though, it is possible that items like artwork aren't as stated in #7 of the licensing faq's