I am wondering if any reason other than the user friendly presentation to use the clean URL and Pathauto .

I had search in Drupal.org, wiki and Google, the two reasons found are to improve the SEO and security issue.

But I notice that those passages saying to improve SEO were coming from third party.
In Google or Yahoo official website, I cannot find any information about how Clean URL affect the SEO.
If any, please kindly let me know.

Beside, I would like to know the security risk/issue when using the real URL.
I assume the security issue would only apply to static html website.
For Drupal, it is dynamic URL structure with permission control (or Content Access module).
Therefore, I think the security issue is not applicable in Drupal.


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I've never heard of security benefits to clean urls or readable paths.

SEO aside (I've no data for SEO with/without), clean urls and readable paths make it easier for users to understand what the are about to read just be reading the path. It can also make it easier for users to recall paths at a later date.

mysite.com/articles/red/cars is much more intuitive and memorable than mysite.com/?q=node/19

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Thank for the comment.
I think the main purpose of them is presentation improvement.

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