I would like to know if someone implement something similar to our project or if someone could help us.

Our project is to setup an eshop with ecommerce with customizable product. At this stage all seems ok, as with the module customizable products it seems that we could configure our project as we need.

The extra feature that we need is the preview of the customizable product. What I mean? We would like to transfer this static website www.mypetid.net to drupal commerce to be able to extent its features. But we need this preview product ajax tool when the user type something on the customizable textfields of the product.

So, is someone that implements something similar or someone to help us?



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Can you specify more detailed what you want?

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OK sorry if I'm not so clear.
I'll try to describe with more details.

Our eshop will sell plastic or metal tags as you could see from our site www.mypetid.net
The problem is that we need the user to be able to fill in some texts that he want to print on tag, line the animal name, contact phone etc.

So if we implement the custom text on the product with customizable product module of eccomerce, is there any method to preview the final product to user, as we do on our site www.mypetid.net?

We thought some custom code in the product detail page to preview the final custom product using jQuery.

If somebody could advice us to a more specific and more proper method, please sent a post.


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you might ask in the customizable product issue queue-- i would think someone else must have run into this already.