I have a view with a page display, and an argument for the node id. I have set the view path to /page/%. All that works perfect.

Now I added the web widget display, through the Web Widgets module. This in order to offer users a piece of code that they can paste into other websites for promoting the view information.

I have attached the 'embed code' to the page display. The 'embed code' section gets correctly displayed in the page view, when visiting the "/page/%" path.

But, when I paste the code in another website, only the view title appears. This also happens when visiting directly the widget path. I have tried many kinds of paths for the widget display: "/widget"; "page_path/%/widget"; "/%/widget". But no luck.

The closest I can get to make it work is by setting "/widget" for the widget display path: by visiting the path I do get information displayed.

I have been days on this so any help will be great!

This is my site: http://www.vamonosjuntos.co/rides-to-event/116

Many thanks