It would be great if version 6 had an option to either enter an author manually as it is currently, or use a node reference.

The node reference could be any content type, or profile node.

Then you have a library.


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Interesting idea, can you give me an example of how/where/why this would be used?

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It could be used to publish bibliographies where the authors' names are cross-references to pages about them; whether they are users of the site (profile nodes) or not (other content). does this to publish papers for the conference "Socialist Days" as well as other bibliography. Presenters of the papers are speakers in the conference which the site has pages introducing them.

Unfortunately the site above is mostly in Arabic and English material are still scarce.

Additionally, it could be used to publish bibliographies of authors societies, or be the basis of the index of a small or private library.

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I really need this feature. I am building a site for a university department where they have staff pages (a specific content type) and want to show recent publications for each staff member. The problem is the university is in Wales and everyone has similar forenames and surnames so it is hell trying to make sure publications for the right authors appear on the right pages just with SQL acting on name.

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I have just submitted a patch that allows one to have that functionality:


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I'm facing the same question, selecting authors from a node with all the authors listed instead of just writing them by hand. In fact, if you think about it the most serious way to add authors is from referencing them from a list of (already) written names instead of writting them by hand, with the logical mistakes that would add the same author several times with slight variations.

In fact that happened on some university department where I'm builing a drupal site with an important biblio section. We have created a node type called "individuals" and we are (node-)referencing it from other nodes (conferences, phds, courses, projects, seminars). Finally with views we will have lists of all those contents by every person. We plan to implement that on biblio module... on some way I have no exactly figured out how,... still ;-)

For that purpose I'm using node reference CCK field and the wonderful "Multiselect" gadget which adds the possibility to drag and drop node names (authors on that case) between two boxes (

In any case, introducing authors from a node-reference list looks quite a logical upgrade, any news on that feature request?

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Whether there is such decision for drupal6?