I just finish a site using this distribution and my client ask me to disable temporarily the store for the site. The reason is just a particular choice of my client.

Then I have a site with many enabled modules that I don't need right now.

Then I'm wondering if is there any way to disable all modules related to the functionality of the store, this is to disable all the 'commerce' module keeping in mind that sooner or later I will need to re-enable all of them to get back the functionality of the store.

How can I do this?

My first try would be:

  1. Disable the commerce module via drush, then I will be asked to disable all dependent module, which I would accept.
  2. At this point I wouldn't un-install the disabled modules so that I would save all the database configurations.
  3. At the moment I will need to enable de store I would re-enable all these disabled modules.

In short this is to disable all commerce modules but not uninstalling them.

Am I in the right way?


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No. Never disable modules if you're not planning to uninstall them immediately. It will blow up in your face, spectacularly.

A better way is to change the permissions for each role, removing their access to any ecommerce portion of the website.

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ok I see.

What about all the enabled modules related to store (commerce modules)? Wouldn't be better for the site performance to disable them?

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Disabled modules are broken in D7 for most use cases, you won't be able to re-enable them in most cases, regardless of how good it might be for performance ;) That's why D8 has no disabled modules (a module is either installed or uninstalled there)

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ok, thanks bojanz.

btw: are you planning to port this distribution to d8? or maybe, will you stick to backdrop?
Please, feel free to tell me that this is not the right place to ask for this ;)

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Drupal Commerce will have at least a beta release when D8 gets released, that's the plan.
Commerce Kickstart will take a bit longer because we depend on a lot of contrib modules.
No plans to support backdrop :)

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good to know :)

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