I have a requirement for a small site which is anticipated to have 100,000 visitors a day initially (after launch at peak interest). After a few months its expected the visitor rate will go down to about 5,000 or less visits a day.

- They will all be anonymous visitors
- Visually boring site will only have a around 10 pages
- a couple of downloadable pdfs
- with a medium form (about 30 questions) to fill in with a couple of file attachments,
- very few images
- half a dozen drupal modules.

I'm currently getting server costs together but the client has budget for one meaty server rather than a DB Server and a Web Server.

Any thoughts/advice most welcome.



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Anonymous resources are served out of Varnish.

You can dial up or down your capacity.

dev/QA/live environments match up.

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Yes we'd been looking at Varnish, I'll have a look at Pantheon.