So, I was thinking about this after running into some conflicts in Drupal and it seems a lot of the conflicts(not all) come down to duplicate values of unique code specifiers(css id, css class, javascript variables, etc.) appearing in multiple modules or themes.

For example, if two style sheets specify ".wrap" in two different ways.

Or if Javascript or php identify a variable with the same name.

So I was considering if the community were to voluntarily create a registry of 4 characters to attach to any unique code specifiers(I'm sure there's a better name, but I'm sticking to this one :-D) that are used by that particular module or theme, then each would be unique and eliminate conflicts. It would also make it easier to identify where that particular specifier was coming from.

The main drupal website could also have a registry where you register your theme or module with that unique 4 character sequence.

For example, say someone had a theme called "ZONE". They could then register "zone". Then instead of just putting .wrap, they could put .zonewrap and make all of their unique code specifiers, including css names, etc, begin with their 4 character sequence.

This would allow for up to 456,976 variations(only using letters), and if that bridge ever did come up in the future, it would be no issue to add a 5th character.

What do others think on this?