Information about the item selected is not same with the actual items being selected. As a result, when submitting an action, not all of the items are processed. Please, see the attachments for details

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I got the same problem. It happens when you click each check-box quickly hence the counter doesn't count correctly. Also sometimes the items that are listed in the confirmation page is less than what the counter says.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

VBO for D6 is no longer maintained (like most of Drupal 6 contrib). Reopen if you have a patch to offer.

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default VBO module's behaviour send request everytime a checkbox checked or unchecked.
when user checks or unchecks many checkboxes simultaneosly in a short time, VBO will create a queue to send request to server one by one.
This queue probably cause delay, because it will wait for server to reply to proceed another request.
And also this probably will cause a timeout operation when server is too busy so that number of selected item didn't get update.

I've create a patch for this, so that it will only send request whenever user click submit button.

vbo patch