Hej friends of Drupal,

I am running into the following problem, that I try to solve since about six hours: I have cloned a running D7.23 installation (by copying all files, creating a copy of all database tables with a new prefix plus adjusting the prefix in the settings.php). Now, whenever I install a new module the links to the configuration pages of this module are no longer added to the management menu for the admin.
Example: I install the "Panels" module and run the update.php. Then I can access the config page of "panels" via admin/structure/panels but this link does not appear in the management menu and isn't available in the admin dashboard (/admin/structure/).
Same with "Devel" and other modules. I can access the configuration via the URL but not via the management menu.

And maybe my second issue is related to this one. When I check for available updates (via admin/reports/updates) I get only results saying "No available releases found". Same if I choose "Check manually".
(When I uninstall the "update manager" and re-install it, I get the same result as mentioned above in the example: no menu entries for this module anymore).

Does anybody here have a hint for me what I doing wrong? All suggestions are welcome!
All the best - Andreas


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when was the last time you ran update.php?

if running update.php hasn't/doesn't help; I'd backup the database and then perform a menu rebuild.

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Hej VM,

As I wrote, I run update.php every time I install or remove a module. I will give the menu rebuild a try. Right now I try the old way I cloned sites: download the files, export the database, then upload the files to a new directory and import the tables into a new database. Looks promissing. The only problem is, that I will not figure out what caused the problem this way...