Hey, I'm a new Drupal user so forgive me if this seems obvious.

I'm updating a block on a site that contains some basic html - a few images. So when I'm logged in, I hover over the black and click configure, make my changes and click save. When I'm logged in everything works as expected, but when I log out it seems to revert to the old block.

There is something I'm obviously missing in the way drupal works, but any help would be appreciated.


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Make sure you disable drupal's cache while you are still developing your site. It's found under performance at /admin/config/development/performance. Anonymous users get to see a cached version of your site, while logged in users do not. If the site is live, then all you need to do is to flush cache.

ps. please edit your initial post and move it to the "post installation" forum (you are not writing a module).

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Thanks, this was exactly it, I cleared the cache and everything worked as expected.

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per: https://drupal.org/node/644164 please edit the opening post and move it to the 'post installation' forum. Thanks.