The first time I encountered with a problem on Drupal.
Views Module - changing , for example , fields, is changes are not applied . When configuring fields are not collapsed Rewrite results, Style settings , etc.. (In the legend missing "a" tag)
I suppose that this happened after the installation of the module fancybox . At the time when I discovered the problem, fancybox was "integrated" into the site.
I'm not sure what is to blame fancybox . But it is the only module that was installed recently ( of course, with jquery_update and itself a plugin)
Q: how to solve such a problem? After removal views will be removed all generated views. A removal fancybox - will be disabled all pop-up windows in most of the materials.
How to identify "a causer" of a problem (in general)?


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If I had to wager a guess, your issue is the jquery update module. Anytime I have had to use it it has messed up my site. Now anytime I see that it is a dependency of a module I move on. It's not worth the headache. You can disable modules without uninstalling them. This keeps their tables and any settings in the db but stops it from running. Disable color boxcars jquery update and see if the issue is resolved. If so then at least you know the culprit. I also prefer shadow box as a light box like module.

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Checked with disabling modules. The culprit - jQuery update :(
A problem with views solved.
It now remains to determine how to migrate to another lightbox. But...
This to a topic does not apply.