What I would like to achieve is to allow a user to upload a file for download. In addition to the file they must also upload a number of screenshots to describe this file. Usually at least 3 screenshots. This should be posted as a file product in ecommerce and a price could be attached to it. When a client browses available products and clicks on a product they are interested in the product description page shows up. I have been successful in adding all the description fields necessary but I cant get the preview images to look the way i want. Using image cache it allows me to upload only one image for the preview image. I want to be able to upload several images to a product and the images that arnt being shown to appear as thumbnails. When the client clicks on a thumbnail, the main image changes without changing to a different page.
Is their a way to achieve this through available modules? Or should I hire a programmer to get this tailored to my needs. I have a low budget so the cheaper the method the better. Thanks