sample use case: movie reviews web site, 2 users role: 1) movie lover or 2) professional critic (these could be "Roles" or perhaps just a taxonomy select on a user field during registration versus an entire 'type of user role')

now i wish to view top rated movies BUT when viewing all top rated, i want to filter by "top rated by professional critic" (or amateur) as well as the usual filters from taxonomy on content type movie review (e.g. genres like horror, comedy, etc)

this would mimic the dual-rating system of a rotten tomatoes type site

for d7/views3, i've posted a similar question in the fivestar module forum at but this in fact a more broad and topical question in my mind, as it extends to any view of type node that incorporates a filter of type user (role or field within role by taxonomy)

specifically, if i create a view of type node with an exposed filter that shows ratings by some taxonomy term (in my case it's showing fivestar top rated content and then lets user filter the top rated by some term on those nodes) and i now wish to expose an additional filter that allows for somebody viewing those top rated items to filter by the 'categories of users' (user roles), how might this be accomplished? this could ideally extend to a field on the user profile (with it's own taxonomy, but captured during registration).

right now, when i add a relationship in advanced (in views) to the user field taxonomy term, i can get the exposed filter in there but all results spit back blanks (the relationship is not marked as 'required' because i may simply wish to filter movies by some other term (like genre of film)...and there are already relationships to votes (both user and all - so that user can see fields for average rating as well as his/her own rating alongside it)

...i feel like i'm missing something obvious, though i'm reluctant to go down the views-reference or 'views-field-view' path because there must be a more simple way.