Hi, I'm trying to get a testimonials page going, but would like to have the site guest (anon) fill out a small form (using webform) then have that go to an email where they can approve or deny it and have it automatically post to a page if it's approved. I can do the form, but need help figuring out the 'approve, then automatically post to page' part. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


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IMO better to do this with a content type and set up rules.module to notify when the content type is posted.

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The reason I would prefer to do it with a form is so that users don't have to log in. In my understanding, posting content, the user would have to be logged-in, correct? And if they don't, then wouldn't the lack of CAPTCHA be an issue?

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content types are forms.

the content type can be set to allow anon user role. Thus, users don't have to be logged in.
captcha can be used on the content type. This you've at least that form of protection. Personally, I'd probably use honeypot.

Based on my reviews neither method allows an approval directly from an email. That you would have to write that code on your own if nothing already exists.

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I'm not sure I understand. Do I create a new content type then display it with Views? Or do I create a new webform? If I create a new content type, how can I display that as a form for the guest to fill out on the page? Also, I couldn't find where to add notification when a new testimonial is filled out. Could you help me out?

Thanks for your help!

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I'd use a content type
I'd set permissions @ administer -> permissions and allow anon user role access to the content type

no views module wouldn't be needed for display. The content would display as any other content would display. However, if you would prefer a list of the content type in question, then views would be helpful

notifications can be accomplished with the rules.module as previously mentioned.

I'd use the default published / not published feature of a content type to control the node being visible. Moderators/approves can be provided with the ability to view the unpublished items.

if you prefer webforms
generate a webform
allow anon user role to access webform
set notifications for the webform
no idea how you deal with publishing/not-publish in webforms.

perhaps testing both methods on a test installation would be helpful.