In toolbar module we have toolbar.settings.yml which contains the list of breakpoints provided by the toolbar module -

- module.toolbar.narrow
- module.toolbar.standard
- module.toolbar.wide

The breakpoint module does not actually look for this file (it picks up toolbar.breakpoints.yml - which also has the breakpoint configuration).
I may be wrong but it also seems like this is not used anywhere in the code as the breakpoint module will currently create a breakpoint group if one does not already exists, or, it will look for MODULE.breakpoint_groups.yml

Providing a patch which removes this seemingly redundant config file.

#1 remove-breakpoints-settings-yml.patch961 bytestayzlor
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and here is the patch...

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It looks good. if test bot comes green, we are good :) lesscode++

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Once the patch at #1 gets rebased, this should be good.

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Don't have toolbar.settings.yml anymore. all breakpoint covered in breakpoint module