/modules/rules/modules/node.rules.inc on line 147

I use the softaculous to update the site and i am using the tmdhosting.

How to restore site ? This is the url: http://buynow.phoneunlimitedcall.com/delivery/

I am using ubertcart in ecommerces


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Category: bug » support
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  • The core issue queue is not really a place for support requests. Use the forums.
  • Please don't assign an issue to yourself unless you are planning on fixing it yourself.
  • Always backup your files and DB before running an update. This way you can restore to an earlier version. It is very difficult to "roll back" an update.
  • /modules/rules/modules/node.rules.inc on line 147 is not enough information to go on. There must be more to the error you are receiving. If I had to guess the rules module is missing.
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Component: configuration system » other

The configuration system in part of Drupal 8, not Drupal 7

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Thnks for the reply.