Hi, I would like to create a page of images where each image represents a gallery that produces an overlaid view of it when clicked on. I have searched on here and found some ideas but I would like suggestions as to the best way to approach this. The idea is that the page itself will be a portfolio of projects and each gallery will display all the images for that project.



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Hi leonglass

"an overlaid view of it when clicked on" ... do you mean that if you click on an image, a larger version of that image will appear in a lightbox?

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Yes so each portfolio (image) on the original page is clicked on and then the gallery itself is shown in a lightbox way. So the original image is a placeholder for the gallery and lightbox (is that the best one?) allows scrolling through them all.

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you will need to generate a view with the views.module to display the "gallery" page.

lightbox is an option but there is also the colorbox.module.

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I found and followed a tutorial to achieve this and it was very good.