This is my first question and I think here is the right place to ask.
I use Views JSON Query module and everything fine I have results on a table from my remote site json.
But I want to alter my “query” and the idea is to use a page call variable (like http://www.nomsite.com?param=value) to alter my query before the execution. I try it to use hook_views_query_alter() or hook_views_query_substitutions () but, not works in a query like json call, who is a web link. Using dpm($view) in hook_views_pre_render(&$view) I can see that my link is in ->query->options['json_file'] and I try to modify this value in query_alter but nothing happens.
Someone have an idea how I can do that ? querry_alter not works with Views JSON Query plugin ?


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Ok I see that hook_views_query_alter() it’s not executed. Try it to put dpm($view) in this function but nothing happens. Also I made a mistake in the code to see if drupal say something but nada, rien, nothing. I don’t understand why. It is in mymodule.views.inc where is also the hook_views_pre_render who it’s work fine.