We are porting a website to drupal. The old site is a custom PHP site that uses "ugly" urls like getPage.php?id=100. In our new site I would like to alias urls like getPage.php?id=100 to point to node/4 so that external links to the old site will continue to work.

There seems to be a problem with the url alias feature. It does not seem to work on aliases that use GET parameters in the url. For instance, if i alias about.php to point to node/3, it works. But i create a url alias that has GET parmeters like getPage.php?id=100 and point to node/3 I see a page not found error.

Is there a way around this?


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Generally it is best to use path aliases to define a URL that you "want" for a given node or page. Use http://drupal.org/project/path_redirect to map old URLs to new, and http://drupal.org/project/globalredirect to prevent the same content appearing under different URLs.

However in your case it's more complex because I don't think you can include GET parameters in the "from" part of a path redirect, or in a URL alias for that matter.

I'd suggest something like this:
1. create new PHP input format page with alias getPage.php
2. if you have only a few ids then you could use a simple if or switch statement combined with drupal_goto() http://api.drupal.org/api/function/drupal_goto/5 to do the redirect
3. if you have more than a few then you could do something like


from within getPage.php
4. then use path redirect to create the redirects from getPage/id/100 to the new page

Step 3. can also be done in .htaccess, if you know how. This would reduce the number of redirects from 2 to 1.

There are probably other ways, but maybe this will get you started :-)


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This suggestion did work for me. I had to do the following:

1) install path_redirect module
2) create a PHP page with a URL alias of getPage.php containing:

if( $_GET['id'] )
drupal_goto("getpage/id/" . $_GET['id']);

3) then for each old URL like getPage.php?id=100 I had to manually create a PATH REDIRECT for example:

getpage/id/100 -> node/23

Note: The the use of Path Redirects... not path aliases for step #3

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I am making a site and am facing a strange problem. I have created a template page "page-taxonomy.tpl.php" for some custom formatting and custom coding. I can send you the code of this page if you like.
The main problem that i am having is that, my page outputs the url of particular pages as


however i want to make this user friendly and want to make it appear as


For this i have tried to add url-alias for the above url, it adds successfully... but when i try to access the page from


it gives me "Page Not Found Error". What is the issue behind this? Can somebody advise on how to rectify this?

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