I am working with Drupal 7 version to develop an intranet portal for my organization. I am trying to create a page that would basically allow users to add documents to the page. I downloaded the document module and created a view out of the module. I do see a edit button, But I Dont see a "Add New Document" button. If I click on create new content and add a Document type content then I do see it listed. However this not a striaghtforward solution for a not so tech savvy end user group. HOw do i Acheive this, Is there any module in drupal that can do this.



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per https://drupal.org/node/644164 please edit the opening post and move it to the 'post installation' forum. Thanks.

two options off the top of my head.
1) create a new menu with a menu item to node/add/YOURCONTENTTYPE and enable it (the block) on the view
2) hardcode a link in a custom tpl.php for the view