Is there anyway to view the color palette in a subtheme using Commons origins as Base theme?



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I was able to get this working by a combination of subtheme as well as module customization. It turns out that the color palette is not done via the core color module but rather some extra hooks. You'll need to create a subtheme of commons_origins (see AT documentation on how to do this) and then copy over the images folder as well as commons_origins.palette.inc to your new subtheme.

Rename commons_origins.palette.inc to match your new subtheme name (i.e. your_themename.palette.inc) and perform the same name substitution in all of the code names inside of that file.

Next, in the commons_misc module included with the installation profile you'll find a small snippet that alters the theme settings form and displays the color palette form defined in commons_origins.palette.inc. You'll need to copy this to a custom module of your own and perform the same name substitution again.

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Thanks. That works. I assume the color pallet configuration remains on the commons origin theme and not the new sub theme.

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Can't find the righ part in the commons misc module you're talking about. Could you tell me with file it is, please. Could I take this and put it in the modules directory of /sites/all?

Thank you.

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I think @stewart.adams is referring to this function: http://cgit.drupalcode.org/commons/tree/modules/commons/commons_misc/com...

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