Adding translation to a content after a fresh install throws an error.

Here's the steps to reproduce:

1. install standard profile.
2. install "Content Translation" module.
3. go to admin/config/regional/language/add. add a new language (e.g. Persian)
4. go to admin/config/regional/content-language.
5. mark these checkboxes: "Content" -> "article". then, save.
6. go to node/add/article. add article (i filled the title, and body fields)
7. click the translate tab in the article page.
8. click "Add" for the "Not translated" language.
(example url: fa/node/1/translations/add/en/fa)
9. click save.
10. error page is displayed like this:

[info] Article test page - en has been updated.
[error] InvalidArgumentException: Invalid translation language (fa) specified. in Drupal\Core\Entity\ContentEntityBase->addTranslation() (line 674 of /var/www/menu-links/core/lib/Drupal/Core/Entity/ContentEntityBase.php).
The website has encountered an error. Please try again later.

The bug has a lot of other symptoms. here's an image from the front page:
(the content is shown duplicated. clicking the pencil for each of them, opens the dropdowns for both)
and modifying the title in the translated content doesn't seem to work. it always reverts back to the english title.

bug-screenshot-cropped.png21.6 KBherom
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Title: error on adding translation to a content » Error on adding translation to a content
Issue tags: +D8MI, +language-content


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There's other problems too, see #2105407: Changing language settings for fields ends in a fatal error

Another problem is that you currently can't click on the 'Add language' button in chrome (hitting enter works), some weird javascript error, see #2101427: Follow-up: Browser validation error with Chrome on hidden required fields, even on forms that don't allow client-side validation which I raised to major.

Looking for this actual bug now.

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Could not reproduce the exact error as describe, but getting another one when clicking on the 'add translation' button.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in Drupal\content_translation\ContentTranslationController->entityFormAlter() (line 230 of core/modules/content_translation/lib/Drupal/content_translation/ContentTranslationController.php).
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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

repeating the steps on current HEAD, I can't reproduce the error anymore, and translations are added fine. probably fixed elsewhere.